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Rev. Zenji Nio is the only one to represent the Indo-Japanese culture of the Samurai at the world's most prestigious forums including the US Congress, Faith Council that liaisons with the White House, Canadian Legislature, National Museum of India, Rio Olympics & Paralympics, Korea Olympics & Paralympics, Toronto Panam & Parapan Am Games, Official Service to mark the death of the King of Thailand, Official Proclamation of Buddha Day by the Mayor of Toronto, Special Lecture with the Head of the Shaolin Temple, first Multifaith Commemoration of the Holocaust in association with the Simon Wiesenthal Center - and the largest ever audience of over 1 million people at a special event organized by the Govt. of India and the Japanese Buddhist temples. Nio's lectures have been praised by the professors of many major universities including Harvard, Oxford, Yale, George Washington, Tokyo, Toronto, Korea, Hong Kong, Ryerson, Concordia, Indian Institute of Management and Nagpur. Nio is also the only expert to have lectured on Buddhism to every Buddhist demographic in almost every Buddhist nation -- and the only one who can chant key Buddhist mantras in Sanskrit, from memory. This makes him the most influential Indian voice for Buddhism in the last 1000 years.

Furthermore, Nio organized what the media dubbed "the most successful Japanese art exhibit ever held in Canada" -- sponsored by the Govt. of Canada and inaugurated by India's senior-most diplomat Akhilesh Mishra, head of ICCR -- as well as Canada's Minister of Immigration & Citizenship, Japanese Diplomats and Lt. Governor and Head of Royal Ontario Museum. It was also awarded a special commendation by the Canadian Parliament. Similarly, Nio's Samurai Display was cited as "the biggest attraction in the Athlete's Village" for America's biggest ever sporting event the Panam Games -- and was praised by a record number of Olympians at the Rio Olympics. Nio was also chosen to conduct the first wedding in the Olympic Village. 

Born in Canada, Nio spent time learning Buddhism in India where his grandfather helped the Japanese priests build the first Buddhist temple since the Nalanda holocaust -- which is frequented by the President of India. Furthermore, Nio's family temples have been awarded the highest distinction of "Heritage Temples of National Importance" by the Govt of India and his team has been awarded a Gold Medal from the President for initiatives to preserve the Buddhist heritage of India (that was passed on to Japan). Nio's own family alter of the Indo-Japanese Samurai God (and patron deity of Tokugawa Clan) Kannon has been kept in the Indian Museum. Nio is also the first and only Indian to teach the Lotus Sutra in Sanskrit in the ruins of Nalanda -- and he perfected Indo-Japanese Buddhism in Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano, Mount Koya and Kamakura. He also is the only Indian and only Westerner to have had special prayer services performed in temples linked to the Tokugawa Clan -- and he has his own temple and museum in one the most sacred areas in all of Japan that was historically very important to the Samurai.

Due to his peerless and unique achievements, Nio was selected by the heirs of Rabindranath Tagore and experts linked to Okakura Tenshin to head the Indo-Japan Samurai Center -- and thus preserve the Samurai culture and Buddhist heritage of Japan and India -- the world's closest allies.



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Rights & Holocaust Studies

"He is the only contemporary expert from the oldest lineage of Lord Buddha Himself" -- Times of India


"A world-renowned authority who travels the world... when he speaks the world listens"



"An authentic voice for the peoples of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea who still follow the Buddhist traditions founded by his ancestors"

UN Report


"The world's foremost Buddhist expert and only one to possess the original manuscripts of the Buddha"

Indian Express

"The Martin Luther of Buddhism" - Rev, Johnson, Yale University, George Washington

"An eminent international level thinker" - Nagpur University

"Comparable to the Dalai Lama" - Chander Khanna, Head of Parliament of World's Religions in Toronto


Also profiled by the Olympics Media, Hello Magazine, BBC, CBC, National Post and more....





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