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The Samurai Foundation

The Samurai Foundation aims to preserve and promote the Samurai religion and culture and way of life in this day and age. We are blessed to have represented the Samurai heritage at the world's top forums -- from the Olympic Games & Canadian Legislature -- to the US Congress & Faith Council that liaisons with the White House. Furthermore, inspired by Samurai Sempo Sugihara who on behalf of the Govt of Japan saved 6000 Jewish families (100,000 Jews) during the Holocaust, we fight for human rights and against antisemitism as well as bigotry in all forms, and we even organized the first Multifaith Commemoration of the Holocaust in association with the Simon Wiesenthal Center as well as delivered powerful Samurai-themed presentations at the Holocaust Museum in association with Holocaust Education Week. In addition, we spoke at Ambedkar Jayanti at Deekshabhumi before a live audience of 2 million people and have delivered Samurai themed presentations before Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, Consul Generals and scholars of major universities including Oxford, Harvard, Yale and Toronto.

Our offices are located in the historic Samurai neighbourhood of Tokyo, in India's top state Maharashtra, on the East Coast in the USA and in the prestigious Bay Street financial core of Toronto --making us the first and only Samurai Center outside of Japan. We also house an unrivalled Samurai Museum with one of the world's largest collections of Samurai objects and artifacts and our Samurai Exhibit sponsored by the Govt of Canada, inaugurated by Canada's Minister of Immigration and Citizenship and India's Additional Foreign Secretary and attended by the Lt. Governor on behalf of the Queen as well as Japanese Diplomats was dubbed by the media as the "most successful ever held in Canada". Furthermore, we set records at the Olympics and the Panam Games by teaching the Bushido to a record number of medalists. In addition, we house a Samurai Temple to continue the Buddhist traditions of the Samurai as per the dreams of Shogun Tokugawa, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Takeda Shingen. 

The Samurai stood for qualities the world is losing today -- Honor, Compassion, Courage, Respect, Loyalty, Truth and Justice. As the world is becoming crassly materialistic and more people seek a sense of purpose, we hope to use the Samurai as role-models to inspire and empower real-life heroes who can make the world a better place. Please see our various Projects and Events and contact us if you require any further information. Let us make Chivalry cool again!

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita.


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