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"The Indo-Japan Alliance is the most important in the world ... Buddhism is the sutra that binds Japan and India"
-- Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe & Narendra Modi.
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Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe have repeatedly reiterated that the Indo-Japan relationship is the most important in the world. Japan has given more financial and technological aid to India than any other nation -- and has ushered in India's industrial revolution from the Maruti-Suzuki collaboration to Bullet train technology!

Japan also gave India its first national army and is the only foreign nation in history that bled for India's independence. When India's freedom fighters Netaji Bose and Rashbehari Bose were desperate for help as Churchill was starving tens of millions of Indians to death, it was only Japan that gave them tangible support. As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated, "Indians and Japanese have always stood together in times of crisis throughout history". Japan honours Indian icons like Bodhidharma and Justice Pal as national heroes. 

Furthermore, when Buddhism died out of India, in the worst holocaust in history, it was Japan that best preserved the traditions, culture and heritage of India's greatest university Nalanda and most spectacular artworks of Ajanta and Gandhara. Japan even brought Buddhism back to India by reclaiming Buddhist sites and building stupas across the nation as well as the tallest Buddhist statue in the country. Further, Japan spent hundreds of millions of dollars in preserving ancient Buddhist sites in India. We are the most active organization exploring ties between Asia's 2 democratic superpowers and close allies.

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