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"The Indo-Japan Alliance is the most important in the world "
-- Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe & Narendra Modi.
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Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe have repeatedly reiterated that the Indo-Japan relationship is the most important in the world. Japan has given more financial and technological aid to India than any other nation -- and has ushered in India's industrial revolution from the Maruti-Suzuki collaboration to Bullet train technology!

Furthermore, Japan gave India its first national army and is the only nation in history that bled for India's independence. In return, India is the only nation that stood up for Japan during the Tokyo trials -- agreeing with US President Hoover, General Douglas McArthur, General Willoughby & Congressman Fish that Japan was acting in self-defense. India's Justice Radha Binod Pal is even honored in the famed Yasukuni Shrine and he dreamed that young Japanese would be proud of their great heritage -- and not fall for the Fake Propaganda that tries to paint Japan in a negative light (while conveniently overlooking that Japanese colonialism was a RESPONSE to Western colonialism which was way worse and on a much bigger scale.)

Rabindranath Tagore is modern India's greatest cultural icon and the first-Asian to win a Nobel Prize. He also loved Japan having visited it many times -- and was effusive in his praise for India's Buddhist heritage which comprised her Golden Age -- today preserved in Japan -- thanks to the patronage of the Samurai. Tagore, along with his friend -- the famous Last Samurai Okakura Kakuzo dreamed of preserving the Samurai tradition in India -- when it was being phased out of Japan. This Center, is authorized by the world's top experts on both Tagore and Tenshin -- to continue the Samurai tradition as a unique way to promote the Indo-Japan Alliance as well as the Bushido Code of Chivarly to all. The heroic qualities of the Samurai are universally beloved - Compassion, Respect, Loyalty, Justice, Courage, Heroism and Truth are universal virtues that make the world a better place -- as does the promotion of art and culture. Furthermore, Tenshin dreamed of amity between all Asian nations and peoples which is why our focus is to use the Samurai Credo to make the world a better place for all sentient beings. 


Samurai Center & Panam Buddhist Mission

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