Wearing a Haori & Samurai Insignia at Olympic Village

Simon Wiesenthal


Samurai Buddhist insignia in official pic with PM

With Canadian Military

With Pope's Advisor

The Hakama is the symbol of the Bushido & we are bringing it back

to the world's most important forums per direction of Okakura Tenshin

Okakura Tenshin, the last Samurai who envisioned this Center had insisted that Japanese robes would be worn alongside Western clothing to ensure we hold on to our traditions. In this context, the Samurai Code of Bushido is embodied in the Hakama -- and Rev. Nio has thus worn it at the world's most important forums. 

Hakama when a Special Guest at official event for Yezidisby Govt of Canada

Kimono when speaking at Canadian Parliament

Hakama when speaking at Canadian

Center of Citizenship

Wearing Hakama when receiving medal from RCMP