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Using the power of cinema to inspire..

With support of award-winning legends that played key roles in films that have won at the Oscars, Cannes, Venice and Berlin, the Samurai Center is currently producing the most comprehensive feature film ever made on the spiritual and martial traditions of the Samurai in order to help the younger generation and mainstream of Japan, China, India and all of Asia relate to their heritage in an authentic and yet cool manner. The film will also help young people of all backgrounds identify with the Bushido and find role-models that place honor above materialism.


The film will be shot in landmark sites of Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Sri Lanka and on film sets in New York, Toronto, London and Paris.


The film will use the same technology to be used in the Avatar sequels by James Cameron and will be unique and unprecedented in many ways.


The project involves experts who have worked on John Woo's Red Cliff - the biggest hit in China's history and will be filmed on the same sets used in The Last Samurai and Wolverine.


Details will be released in due course.

Samurai Center & Panam Buddhist Mission

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