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Japan supported Rashbehari Bose and gave India its first National Army and is the only nation to shed blood and lives for India's Independence. 

Japan gave India its first National Army & fought for India's Freedom from the British who killed 10's of millions of Indians and looted trillions of dollars.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowed before Saichiro Misumi -- the last living associate of Netaji who is India's most popular freedom fighter even sworn in as the first Prime Minister of India with the support of Japan. While history appreciates and applauds all Indian freedom fighters including Gandhi and Nehru -- today the majority of Indians especially laud Netaji and Rashbehari Bose as well as Japan as the true progenitors of India's Freedom. Lord Mountbatten himself is purported to have stated that Netaji's INA was the main reason the British ended colonial rule in India.

Prime Minister Modi has even officially celebrated October 21st, 1943 as the day Netaji was instilled as the first Prime Minister of India with Japan's support. The majority of Indians love Japan and consider it a brother. Furthermore, Japanese people know that Buddhism, which originated in India, has influenced Japan's art, culture, religion and civilization and India was the only nation to stand up for Japan at the Tokyo Trials. This bond is unique and unmatched in world history. The Indo-Japan Samurai Center thus aims to celebrate and uphold the sacred spiritual and cultural union of the most important alliance in history.