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The Pan Am Buddhist Temple & Museum


After making history as the first Museum Temple to be featured at an International Games Event, the Pan Am Buddhist Temple & Museum has become a permanent legacy of the largest ever American sporting event of all time and the biggest sporting event in Canadian history. The temple teaches the most influential Buddhist mantras, meditation practices and sutras used by the greatest heroes in history - from Samurai and Shaolin warriors to Gandhi and Rosa Parks - to empower all demographics.

Real-world Buddhism

Our Temple specializes in motivational and meditation techniques that can assist anyone in cultivating mindfulness as well as aligning one's inner power with the Higher power to fulfill your destiny and be the best you can be as well as do the best you can do in all situations and challenges.

We focus on bridging the gap between the monastery and the mainstream by helping world class athletes, CEOs and executives on Bay Street and people living in the real-world connect with their spiritual core and find purpose and meaning in their lives. We use Buddhist principles and wisdom praised by some of the greatest experts of our time from Albert Einstein who opined "Buddhism is the religion of the future.... if there is any religion that can cope with moderrn scientific advancement, it would be Buddhism", to Carl Jung "As a student of comparative religion, I believe Buddhism is the most perfect religion the world has ever known". We follow the same wisdom used by the greatest heroes throughout history - from King Ashoka of India and Prince Shotoku of Japan to the Shaolin monks of China and the Samurai of Japan; from Mahatma Gandhi and Rosa Parks to Steve Jobs and Tina Turner. While remaining authentic to the true traditions of Buddhism, we still operate in a very modern setting as the only temple in Canada's financial district thus blending the past with the future.

Samurai & Shaolin heroes

While maintaining scriptural, archaeological and cultural authenticity, we present Buddhism in a modern way for today's demographics. This is based on expedient means where Buddha teaches us to use creative and innovative ways to make spirituality fun and yet empowering for all ages and demographics.

We realize that most people are inspired by positive role-models and we thus use the example of the great Samurai & Shaolin warriors who could balance strength and heroism based on Buddhist morality and nobility.  This helps  promote heroism and leadership to all groups from young adults and students to athletes and executives alike. (Inset - a policeman with our temple's Samurai and a large Kannon tattoo with "Om Mani Padme Hum")

Bible & Museum

In order to correct the endless misinformation about Buddhism in Western text-books and the internet, we have compiled the Buddhist Bible with actual references to the most important teachings of all traditions headed by the crown jewel of sutras - the Lotus Sutra and its addendum the Amitabha Sutras.

In order to present the most authentic form of Buddhism devoid of any misrepresentations by agenda-based scholars and monks, we maintain both scriptural authenticity as well as archaeological evidence. From the original stupa of India that contained the Buddha's relics to the earliest ever statuary from 2nd century BCE; from the earliest extant manuscripts and stupas of Japan linked to Shotoku himself to original works by Japan's greatest Buddhist heroes including Shinran, Nichiren, Sengai, Hakuin, Musashi and Hideyoshi - our collection is peerless and we have organized the largest ever free exhibition of Buddhist art in Canadian history. We also have the oldest versions of the Lotus and Amitabha sutras in Sanskrit as well as the longest illustrated Lotus Sutra from China and the longest Amitabha Sutra of ancient Japan. Our temple also has a highly exquisite life-size statue of Bodhidharma - the patron of Shaolin & Samurai and actual scrolls from the Shaolin Temple - the birthplace of Kung Fu.

Global Congregation

The Pan Am Buddhist Temple & Museum is the first house of worship in Canada's prestigious Financial District and close to the original Pan Am Athlete's Village as well as City Hall where many Pan Am events took place. We are also planning to launch a Center in Canada's university town of Waterloo - also the Silicon Valley of Canada.

We are also launching centers in New York city near Times Square and Florida and have members around the world be it France, Hungary and the UK to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Please send us an email to find out how you too can join our Sangha to change your life and the world.

Samurai Center & Panam Buddhist Mission

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