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Rev. Zenji Nio has been working with the leading experts in Buddhism and Indian spirituality in the world on concrete ways to preserve our heritage and promote it as a viable way to inspire and empower all people to deal with the many challenges of living in the real-world (samsara).

Shaolin Temple
Rev. Nio gave a powerful speech on Bodhidharma & was invited as a special guest of the iconic Shaolin temple - birthplace of Kung fU
Oxford University
lecturing with Sarah Shaw, head of Buddhism at Oxford University
Buddhism in USA
With US Buddhist leaders Prof Hebar of George Washington University & Mrs Dixey, daughter of Tarthang Tulku
Prime Minister Modi
With PM Modi's Cabinet Minister discussing ways to reclaim India's Buddhist heritage
Korean Buddism
Rev. Nio will be working with the Head of Korean Buddhism to reclaim her Buddhist heritage
Consul General
Rev. Nio honored at an event by Consul General & Sanskrit expert Mishra
Buddhism in Taiwan
Discussing Buddhist projects in Taiwan with its eminent Buddhist professor.
Shaolin legacy
With the Head of Shaolin Temple honoring Bodhidharma - the founder of Kung Fu
Honored by India
Rev. Nio was facilitated by experts in Indian spirituality including the Consul-General & ATN
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