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The Last Samurai who brought Samurai culture to the West

Okakura Kakuzo is known for bringing Samurai Culture to the West. He also spent time in India and became great friends with Indian icons Tagore, Vivekananda and Aurobindo. He is one who presented Tagore with the necessary articles and authorization to continue the Samurai tradition. He also made it a point to promote Japanese dress or articles of Japanese clothing even in the modern world which is why we are following the same protocol to fulfill his dream and keep the Japanese Samurai spirit alive. Furthermore, Tenshin-san wanted to promote a Pan-Asian Identity and we are thus we have the support of members from across the Buddhist Diaspora. Furthermore, as Tenshin was an expert in Japanese art, we house one of the world's largest collections of Japanese art in his honor. 

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Samurai Center & Panam Buddhist Mission

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