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Comments from the world's top experts & media about Rev. Nio

Work to combat antisemitism -- inspired by the Righteous Among Nations Samurai Sempo Sugihara:


Article in Toronto Sun by famed broadcaster Tarek Fatah  -- also respected by ME Forum and Indian PM Narendra Modi:


Interview with famed Canadian commentator of Global News, Emmy-Winner Charles Adler, the son of a Holocaust survivor:


Toronto City News -- TV Report of the Event


Quotes from major national and international media outlets:



"Should be the first Buddhist Prime Minister of Canada, or any Western nation" - Emmy-Winner Charles Adler, Global News.

The only contemporary expert from the lineage of the Buddha and an eminent international level thinker" - Times of India


"The foremost expert in the world on the original Buddhist traditions of India" - Indian Express


"Zenji is a spiritual rockstar! "- Indian ambassador Akhilesh Mishra.

"An authentic voice for the peoples of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea that still honor the original Mahayana Buddhism founded by his ancient Indian ancestors." - UN Report.


"Zenji deserves to be a household name" -- Emmy award-winning broadcaster Charles Adler

"A world-renowned authority who travels the world promoting peace -- when he speaks, the world listens" - Hitavada Newspaper of India.

"In a google search, Zenji will not show up as much as the Dalai Lama. But Zenji is the most effective and endearing speaker on Buddhism and the only one comparable to the Dalai Lama" - Chander Khanna, Spiritual expert, who brought the Parliament of World's Religions to Toronto in 2018.


"A very important voice of peace and reason" - Imam Tawhidi, the Imam of Peace and international peace activist.


"Zenji is the Martin Luther of Buddhism" -- Rev. Prof. Johnson, Yale University.


"Once you hear Zenji speak, you forget about all other Buddhist speakers" - Prof. Hebbar, George Washington University

Nio has traveled the world studying Buddhist techniques. His practice combines Eastern philosophy with Western motivation. Nio also has given motivational speeches alongside the likes of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander, Finance Minister Joe Oliver, Defence Minister Jason Kenney and others. Quickly, the Pan Am Buddhist Chapel became the biggest attraction in the village and, despite the fact many of the countries have strong Catholic roots, several Latin American delegations sought Nio’s spiritual guidance.- The National Post

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