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Tokugawa Clan of Japan, founded by a Buddhist monk Matsudaira saved India's Buddhist heritage in Japan's most spectacular temples. 

The world's only link to the Tokugawa Clan of Japan

High achievers from all walks of life are increasingly turning to Meditation and Mindfulness the benefits of which have even been praised by doctors and scientists. Rev. Nio uses time-tested meditation and motivation techniques of the legendary Samurai warriors and Shaolin monks to help athletes, executives, policeman and patients alike overcome life's challenges and achieve peak performance.

In terms of mantra meditation, Nio is one of the only experts in the world who can quote in Sanskrit freely from his own memory from the oldest and most influential Buddhist texts in history including powerful mantras used by the Samurai, Shaolin and Marathon monks to accomplish near superhuman feats. In fact that Marathon Monks are often cited as the world's most resilient athletes able to complete a record 1000 marathons. Similarly, Shaolin monks are able to boast death-defying stunts and the Samurai are known for perfecting stoicism and self-control in all of life's battles.

Furthermore, Nio is one of the only exprerts to have perfected his meditation techniques in the same sites and caves used by the Buddha in India thereby bringing a real-life experience that is very rare to come by. In addition, Nio is the only non-Japanese priest to head a landmark temple in historic Kamakura - the most spiritually significant city in Japan and the capital of Samurai culture.

Above all, Nio is using his trademark approach of combining Eastern spirituality with Western motivation to make a difference in the world of sport, politics, charities, the corporate world and even academia. Please visit the remaining pages of the site for details or visit the link and for more information.

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