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"Buddha is the Crown Jewel of India, Chief Among its Greatest Masters" - India's Prime Minister.
"Buddha is the greatest ever Indian, not just for India but for the world" - India's Foreign Minister Dr. Jaishankar (married to a Japanese person Kyoko)
"Netaji is the one who brought India Independence" - Bharat Ratna Ambedkar, NSA Chief Ajit Doval & PM Attlee
Upcoming Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions


Netaji 125: We will be organizing a landmark Seminar on Netaji to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary. Esteemed speakers will be selected from India, Japan, Europe and North America and the Conference will be promoted online to a global audience. More information coming soon.

Buddha as the Light of Asia: We will be hosting a landmark and unique Seminar and Exhibit on Buddhism from its historic 2000 year old Gandharan civilization that spanned the earliest masterworks to the great Samurai who preserved and promoted the Buddhist traditions and brought them back to India. Special never-before-seen artworks will be displayed along with a tribute to Nalanda - the greatest university in history. 


Ancient Buddhist Manuscripts: We will be hosting the first major exhibition and seminar on Siddham -- the ancient alphabet of India that has become fully extinct there but is ubiquitous in Japan, and present in other Buddhist nations such as Korea, China and Taiwan. We will also display some of the rarest manuscripts from India as well as original manuscripts and writings of some of Japan's greatest saints and even China's Huen Tsang - the most important historian to have documented Buddhism in India

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