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Rev. Nio has used the Samurai Code to inspire men and women in uniform and served as the Chair of Media for the RCMP Commanding Officer's Diversity Council and Integrated National Security Enforcement Team. For more information www.PublicHeroes.net

Chief of Police
Rev Nio with Toronto's Chief of Police Mark Saunders.
National Security
Rev Nio has worked with Doug Best - Chief of National Security for over 3 years.
RCMP Diversity Council
Rev. Nio is the Chair of Media for the RCMP Commander's Diversity Council.
Devil's Brigade
Rev. Nio with William Magee from the Devil's Brigade.
Chair of Police
Supporting officers with Chair of Police Mukherjee.
Organized Crime Unit
Rev. Nio with Head of Organized Crime Division Keith Finn
Hate Crimes Unit
Rev. Nio with officers of the hate crimes unit combating racism.
Army Officers
Rev. Nio has honored our officers at national events.
Senior Adviser
With Stephen James, Senior Adviser for the RCMP & National Security.
Rev. Nio supporting veterans with PTSD.
Young cadets
Rev. Nio encourages young cadets of the Canadian army.
Rev. Nio supports our soldiers that are like the Samurai of today.
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