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The first to bring the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide

to a mainstream platform in North America

Kashmir was a land known for its Buddhist heritage and it played a key role in the Buddhist tradition of the Samurai. Unfortunately, the region is suffering from a genocide of Hindus that has been largely unreported by the media. Rev. Nio was honored by the Kashmiri Pandit organizations as the first to bring this issue to a mainstream platform in North America. Kashmir is the home of Kanishka and Kumarajiva -- 2 of the most important architects of the mainstream Mahayana school of Buddhism that is the world's most popular form of Buddhism and the one adopted by the Samurai. The Indo-Japan Samurai Center is dedicated to fighting for human rights and victims of genocides. Rev. Nio has also been asked to serve on a Think Thank to explore ways to return Buddhism to its former home of Kashmir. 

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