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The only Samurai Museum outside of Japan  -
featured at Olympics & Panam Games
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\With Indian Foreign Secretary and Canadian Minister of Immigration & Citizenship

Our Museum has the rarest collection of Samurai antiquities and artifacts that have been praised by several people of great eminence - from Commanders of Armed Forces to highly senior Diplomats and Ministers. Our Exhibits at the Olympics and Panam Games were record-setters and our Asian Art Exhibit sponsored by the Government of Canada was dubbed "the most successful ever held in Canada" by Indian Express. We are planning a few landmark exhibits and details will be announced soon. 

The Samurai Museum houses the most important collection of Samurai objects outside of a Japanese Museum. It includes items linked to the Tokugawa Clan as well as Musashi, Hideyoshi, Fujiwara, Honda, Shingen, Kiyomasa and Hanzo -- as well as Hokusai, Toyo, Ikkyu and saints Shinran and Nichiren among others. 

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