The only Samurai Museum outside of Japan  -
featured at Olympics & Panam Games

The Samurai Museum houses the most important collection of Samurai objects outside of a Japanese Museum. It includes items linked to the Tokugawa Clan as well as Musashi, Hideyoshi, Fujiwara, Honda, Shingen, Kiyomasa and Hanzo -- as well as Hokusai, Toyo, Ikkyu and saints Shinran and Nichiren among others. 

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With Akhilesh Mishra, IFS, Head of ICCR & Minister of Immigration Chris Alexander. 

Our Samurai Museum boasts rare Samurai artifacts and spiritual objects including the largest collection of Tokugawa armour, swords and objects outside of any major museum. In addition, our Collection features masterworks by Samurai legends Musashi, Takuan Soho, Hokusai, Toyo and priests like Ikkyu, Hakuin Zenji and Sengai. We also house the largest collection of artworks relating to Bodhidharma -- the founder of Kung Fu and Patron Saint of the Samurai as well as original writings of Saints Shinran and Nichiren. We also have actual scrolls by Samurai Generals Hideyoshi, Shingen and Fujiwara along with Katanas & other weapons, uniforms, eboshis, wardrobes, prayer desks, household items, Prayer Altars et all making the Collection quite unmatched. Our offices in Tokyo and Toronto conduct private exhibitions and our track record is stellar.


Exhibitions: Our Samurai Museum has curated the largest Japanese Art Exhibit ever held in Canada - sponsored by the Govt of Canada and inaugurated by Akhilesh Mishra, IFS of ICCR as well as then Hon. Minister of Immigration, Diplomats of Japan and the Lt. Governor and Head of the Royal Ontario Museum. Our Samurai Museum also curated the Exhibit at the biggest ever sporting event ever held in the Americas -- the Toronto 2015 Panam Games and was dubbed "the biggest attraction in the Athlete's Village". In addition, the Samurai Museum exhibit at the Rio Olympics was praised by a record number of Olympians and chosen as the backdrop for the first-ever marriage service conducted in an Athlete's Village. The Collection will soon be featured in a major feature film as well as a documentary under development.