Promoting Sanskrit and Siddham -- the divine scripts of the Samurai

The first and foremost text in Japan's history is the Japanese translation of the Lotus Sutra by Prince Shotoku -- who also founded Japan's Constitution declaring Buddhism to be its Offical Religion. Even today, the Japanese revere the ancient Indic script called Siddham -- which died out during the Nalanda Holocaust -- but was preserved by the Samurai as Bonji due to its ability to conjure divine power.  In honor of Prince Shotoku and the Samurai who preserved India's Siddham script as well as the Nalanda tradition -- we are promoting authentic recitations of the favorite Samurai Buddhist scriptures in Sanskrit and Japanese -- along with credible translations.

Furthermore, as this Center was a dream of Nobel-laureate Tagore, we are working with award-winning Sanskritists to promote great classics of India that are popular across Asia and the world. More details will be announced in due course. 


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