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India' greatest cultural icon Tagore & Japan's Samurai Tenshin even founded the first Samurai martial arts school in India.

Tagore & Tenshin envisioned this Center to preserve the Samurai Way

India's cultural icon Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore implored future generations to revive the Buddhist heritage that comprised India's Golden Age. One of the last Samurais, the famed Okakura Kakuzo Tenshin is the one who brought Buddhism back to India and installed a Japanese Buddha statue in the Mahabodhi Temple -- as well as worked with Tagore to make Bodh Gaya a home to temples from all Buddhist nations. As Tenshin was a Samurai, he presented Tagore with the necessary articles to establish a Samurai lineage in India -- the same way the Japanese established a Buddhist lineage in Japan. Tagore even opened the first Japanese martial arts school in the famed university Vishva Bharati at Shantiniketan -- and it had a Japanese instructor from Japan. The Indo-Japan Samurai Center is authorized by the heirs of Tagore, founders of Shantiniketan and experts on Okakura Tenshin with the blessings of the freedom fighters of Bengal and highest legal authorities of India and Japan -- to continue the Samurai tradition which was phased out of Japan making this the only center in the world with such a rare mandate. 

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